The concept behind the digital campaign was to show the aesthetic of the collection through unconventional imagery in style of the original inspiration. Tsugi, also known as "next" in Japanese is the focus of futuristic design elements in the line of Tsugi sneakers. 



In relation to the campaign, we highlighted the significance of Tsugi's inspiration and curated a series night shots with clever use of bright city lights to showcase the modernity of the line. With a careful selection of KOL with a strong sense of style, each were dressed in an entire ensemble from the line, embodying the essence of Tsugi in the set digital imageries. In line of the campaign launch, every individual KOL posted a series of 3 photos from the shoot over 3 consecutive days to convey the message of our campaign in a revolutionary way on Instagram.


Client            PUMA Singapore

Art Direction, Casting & Production Logistics  Rebecca Inkka Ten

Photography    Tim Suen

Models Featured

 Jerald Saw
Joshua Cheong
Yap Xin De
Goh Shi Shong
Ryan Foo
Jie Le
Terence Then
Vincent Sin        




With the launch of the digital campaign, it was then followed up by an event for the launch of NETFIT – one of the various style in the line of the Tsugi sneakers. The images shot for the digital campaign were displayed as a unique showcase for the event.