Let's cut the chase and get intimate in this conversation. I believe you guys have a clue where this is headed so, I'll skip the coaxing and get it on. I love anything (faux) fur, to be honest. From coats to bags and that highly coveted Puma fur sliders, I'm in. But to be furry myself? Maybe not. Being bare always have been impressionably sexy and to imagine being able to strut down the beach in your favourite plunge back swimsuit with no worries about the fuzz, sign me up please! The itch and stubbies caused by shaving and the patchy undergrowth one must deal with if waxing is not entirely an option I'd advocate, but IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a touch of comfort and a painless process with no irritants in between and an (almost) permanent way to put the fur down. With fabulous results lasting up to two years with minimal discomfort, I'm sold.

To fully understand its benefits, here's exactly how it works. Basically, IPL weakens hair follicles using a broad spectrum of light. This light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and converted into heat energy, which weakens the hair follicles and the surrounding support tissues. Over a course of treatments, re-growth is eventually reduced. STRIP promises up to 80 per cent hair reduction over two years with only six sessions of this Brazilian IPL treatment.

That's enough talk. Let's get down to stripping, guys!


Once you check into STRIP, you will receive your own sealed STRIP IPL Hygiene Pack that includes a disposable shaver, disposable latex gloves, pre-sealed wet wipes, wooden spatulas, and fresh cotton pads and buds for the application of IPL pre- & post-care products. Also, can we please take a minute to appreciate the funky aesthetics and very appropriate packaging? I truly adore STRIP's creative direction.


And yes, it's time to change out and get ready. By changing I mean, going naked on the bottom half. Sounds awkward but don't be shy! I promise the awkwardness of being naked in front of a stranger would only last 3 seconds because right after, your therapist would pretty much be your friend. My therapist was Orange, and she is by far the loveliest and least awkward person I've met.

Thereafter, your therapist will carefully shave you and apply a cooling gel to the treatment area. Using the STRIP Powerpac device, she will direct energy to your skin with the crystal applicator head via smooth circular motions. It feels almost like a hot-stone massage, warm and relaxing with no slight discomfort or pain, at all. A touch of comfort, they say. Post-treatment, the therapist will apply some Ice Cream (not edible) on you, a moisturiser specially formulated to soothe and hydrate skin.


I'm going to sound like a potato but marshmallows and hot chocolate after the treatment? Hell yes. This little post-treatment treat makes the entire experience endearing and truthfully, I'd wish to be right back just to be spoilt by them. STRIP's dedication to the details of the entire process from pre-treatment to post-treatment truly sets them apart. And frankly, I would love for you to be able to share this experience –

 For new customers, STRIP is offering a special promotional price of $58 for a first-time trial session from now until 31 August 2016. And here's how it works: There’s no need to go down to STRIP to buy your first-time trial session. You can shop in the comfort of your own house and get it online at a dedicated e-voucher microsite. On this microsite, you will be able to purchase a special one-time $58 voucher for your STRIP Brazilian IPL first-time trial from now until 31 August 2016, valid for up to two months from the date of purchase. Simply redeem the voucher by making an appointment via any STRIP outlet or at (Terms and conditions apply.)

If you've any questions or concerns you'd like to address or ask, feel free to drop me an email at and I'd love to answer them! I'm all for the fur-free swag, and you should be on this bandwagon too x


Photos by Pixioo Photography.  Styling by Wulala.

I'd be honest, when Samuel (aka Pixioo) hit me up with a mini styled photoshoot with J, I was stoked! But what made it better was the fact that the theme was Palm Springs – an actual dream come true since  there's no chance I'd be able to be teleported there in person, a styled photoshoot with Wulala sounds like a damn good idea. Topping off the immaculate decorations was our well, very cliche "couple" outfit and we kinda blue (blew) it away, didn't we? I can't thank Eclecticism enough for sending me the prettiest pieces from my favourite labels like For Love and Lemons, Free People and Keepsake the Label so that I can always be well dressed. 

I’m over the moon to share with you guys about the giveaway I'm holding with Eclecticism for their 10th Anniversary! Head over to my Instragram for full details before 1st June if you don't want to miss out on this smashing great treat. Good luck x


I think we need a medal for reaching Auckland after a tumultuous drive of 3 hours with intense traffic that goes, "one vehicle per green light". Boy, was it intense. On second thoughts, I think Nat deserves a trophy. Having the luxury of being the backseat crew which involves having naps and food breaks on interval, being numb from the neck to toes was the worst case. But that boy, he had both his hands on the wheel the whole time and I can't emphasize on just how thankful I am that he has braved all of this on our behalf.

Checking into this Roomorama apartment for our last stop was a heave of relief and making coffee upon arrival has gradually eased into our routine. This white washed space with huge windows and unfiltered light was my idea of perfect for our last accommodation in New Zealand. All that nature centric and homely decor is starting to grow on me. My oh my, I am starting to sound that little bit sentimental.


Photos by Jerald.  In Collaboration with Roomorama.

Who would have thought that a sudden desire to explore and the hunger for never-ending road trips would drive 3/4 of the squad (missing Stef & Damon, sobs) to New Zealand for our #gradtrip? Four kids bunking into a rented Subaru with no audio jack and a boot filled with overweight luggages while on the road, all day everyday. Imagine: snowcapped mountains in the background, rolling hills and absolutely zero civilization. Every moment on the road was spent in absolute awe of the beauty in geography.

Settling into this Roomorama apartment in Queenstown was oddly, satisfying. There was no compromising of the spectacular landscapes and our mornings were spent surrounded by such a perfect natural environment. With eyes on the mountains and hands on tea and toast, breakfast became my favourite part of the day. Light hearted laughters and refuelled energy for a day of adventures, Roomorama's apartments sure made us feel at home, in every comforting way. With over 120,000 properties, Roomorama is the largest platform for professionally-managed accommodations vacation rentals worldwide and I'm so relieved they've got us covered even in New Zealand, so thank you Roomorama! If you guys haven't already signed up with this link for $50USD in credits, what are you waiting for?

Adventure is calling, are you coming?


Photos by Becca.  In collaboration with Bellezza Beauty.

Why hello there! I'm back on the game after an unintended hiatus – I was on the road through New Zealand, if you don't already know! It's been a while I'm on this blog and some of you lovely people quite often ask about my beauty-related favourites and routines. So, I am super excited to share my first beauty post with you! I was completely flattered to work with Bellezza Beauty – a local online store that stocks and pre-orders all that fancy cult beauty brands you can probably never get you hands on without a bulk of international shipping fee so hooray! We are talking Colorpop, Dose of Colors and the highly sought after Kylie lip-kits that's literally sold out within minutes every release, now things are a little exciting ain't it? The babes over at Bellezza Beauty were kind enough to send me products from Colorpop, Dose and Lorac Pro to try and I've to admit that they are 1) travel proof 2) (intense) hike proof and 3) of ridiculously amazing quality. 

As you have probably already figured out through my snapchat that I'm barefaced half the time when I'm on the road due to my sloth-like nature, packing a bag full of beauty-related products doesn't fit my bill. But of course, I've to look fairly decent on days when I'm headed to shoot so these babies were meticulously selected as my travel must-haves.


Too Faced's Born This Way foundation is lightweight on the skin, blends smoothly even without a brush and gives a radiant yet softly matte finish to the skin. The texture of the foundation is creamy but nothing short of lovely and gives a medium to build-able coverage. Blurs away all that fine lines and pores, it even doubles as a concealer to hide redness and dark spots. You're saving a step with concealer with this gem.  Perfect foundation for that effortless, i-woke-up-like-this look!


For someone who's favourite scent of all time is Chloe Rose, this Jo Malone fragrance is a total dream. A beautiful blend subtle of fruity notes and soft floral with musky underpinnings. The peony is honeyed and a touch muted dusk, not the vibrant-flower that some other peony fragrances have tried to evoke. It has a slightly powdery musk that merges with the rose and peony to deepen and extend the fragrance. 


And hell yes, these babies lived up to every bit of rave and hype in the beauty realm. I was frankly surprised at how incredible the formula is. It has a creamy texture that dries completely matte and it stays on all day. By that I mean, all day even after eating or you know, kissing. Perfect for dates, aye? I would personally recommend putting on lip balm at the start of your beauty routine so it gives a buffer time for your lips to be completely dry and bare prior to application of these liquid lipsticks - it makes them last longer this way. Formula aside, the range of color is insane. I had a hard time picking out Solow and StingRAYE out of everything but boy, they were amazing. Both shade would suit most skin tones, I believe. Solow's the perfect nude pink for everyday wear and StingRAYE's a cool toned mauve brown with hints of pink when worn. Definitely a massive favourite of mine for those i-am-ready-to-kick-some-asses day.


Basically, I'm in love. Dose of Colors' packaging slays and 10 points to them for being a vegan and cruelty-free brand. The formula and applicator makes it effortless to apply. They glide on smoothly and dries matte with a velvety finish. I must say, they feel incredibly comfortable on. A little more comfortable and less drying than Colorpop, in my opinion. If you've really dry cracked lips, this might be a better option. (Oh! A great way to exfoliate your lips and keep them soft is to mix sugar and honey together and buff them on your lips with a warm towel. Feels good, taste good too, in fact!) 


Oh NARS, what more can I say? The minimal aesthetics gets me all the time and it's not surprising that I have packed along this bold red one with me while traveling. The audacious line of lipsticks is characterized by rich color payoff paired with a creamy, satiny finish that gives lips a smoother, fuller look. This makes you go from zero to hero, which is frankly the only other thing you need on barefaced days.


I know I'm way too late on this but hello, lorac pro palette! Let's jump onto the packaging first. The matte black aesthetics along with the organised arrangement of the shadows makes it hard to deny. This palette has 16 impeccable shades both in matte and shimmer/satin with the matte ones on the top row and the latter on the bottom. The plethora of matte shades and that giant mirror sets this straight up my alley for travels. I've seen several make up artist I've worked with using this palette too, so that's a good sign. These shadows are pigmented and really easy to work with. (Considering the fact that I'm a total make-up newbie, I did a pretty good job with them. They blend effortlessly, trust me) The micro-glitters in the shimmery shades also does not cause a lot of fallout, so kudos to that! This is honestly one of my favourite palette for an all-matte neutral look and I've been particularly loving Champagne, Gold, Taupe, Sable and Espresso. 

Thank you so much Bellezza Beauty for sending me these amazing *products to try! Now, it's your turn to get these babies hassle-free with them in Singapore. You can shop for them, here!