Photography by Min & Becca. Visuals and edit by Becca.  In collaboration with AYANA Resort & Spa.

Let me preface this blog post by saying that AYANA Resort & Spa is one of the best resort I've ever stayed in Bali. And if not, it might just be the best. Besides the incredible aesthetics and my favourite cable car ride down to Rockbar Bali, AYANA's hospitality is truly beyond and it defined my experience by making it feel so much like home. I can barely put into words how dedicated and lovely every single staff is in making sure you're having the best time. My stay at AYANA is a pure reflection of what it's like to live the best life and I can't be more thankful for this experience! Being Bali's one and only integrated resort, you can only imagine how many gems there are in AYANA! While I was over there I figured I'd recommend my favourite instagram-worthy spots and the best place to go for sunset! Keep scrolling for a few noteworthy favourites that AYANA has got me completely obsessed with –



You guys probably know at this point that AYANA is an integrated resort! That means you have access to both RIMBA as well as THE VILLAS by the shuttle tram! This makes exploring this entire resort quite a mission! Allow me to introduce the first and most iconic spot in AYANA – The Villa Pool! Located at The Villas, this pool is not only the most picturesque pool but it is also an Instagram favourite! It is beautifully designed and you can find yourself taking dips or lounge on a comfortable chaise, shaded by a generous umbrella while indulging in mouthwatering bites and cocktails. Also, if you did not sport a picture at this spot, were you really at AYANA?

PS/ It is pretty damn slippery to sit by the edge of the pool while taking photos so remember to hold on tight! 

OPENING HOURS: 07:00 – 19:00



Perched on a cliff 35 meters above the Indian Ocean with endless views melting into the horizon, SKY is one of my favourite spots in AYANA for both daydreaming and photos! You can only imagine just how dreamy it would be holding your solemnisation right at this spot when the sunset graces the sky with that unmatched ocean view right behind you. I wish I was back there, right now. 

ps/ I am not sure if this spot is open for public access but it's located above Kubu Beach!




And if you take a shuttle tram down to RIMBA, you'd be greeted by a lobby so grand that it took my breath away. Literally, though. Situated within the forested grounds of RIMBA Jimbaran, AYANA’s contemporary sister resort with modernised architecture defined by glass and modern lines  while all surrounded by the lush greens, every corner of RIMBA reminds you a little of what a luxury tropical paradise should look akin to. Needless to say, breakfast spent at To'ge Restaurant is a feast. The daily buffet breakfast includes a lavish selection of Asian and international favorites to ensure that your day is fuelled with all the right energy!

NTS: Be there for breakfast earlier!

To'ge Restaurant Daily Operating Hours

BREAKFAST: 6.30 – 10.30
LUNCH: 11.00 – 17.00
DINNER: 17.00 – 23.00



It was a shy pity that I was not able to experience the Aquatonic session due to the very unfortunate time of the month but hey! The serenity of this place does feel like the best place to wind down after a long flight. With 12 hydromassage stations containing over 60 individual therapeutic jet streams, micro-bubbles and geysers to rehabilitate injured muscles, to relieve stress and for relaxation!


* Best time of day: Sunset, before an early night and a deep dreamless sleep.

* Recommended either before or after a flight to combat the effects of jetlag, before a manual massage or spa treatment, and after exercise to help lymphatic drainage!



Find me at Damar Terrace because this is about my favourite place to dine in AYANA! I am drooling even at the thought of the Soto Ayam and Tsujiri's mochi balls. They are exceptional, and I must say the cravings for it has been pretty damn real. Surrounded by terraced lily ponds, Damar Terrace serves refreshing Asian favorites in a relaxed and artful setting with an amazing selection of mouthwatering local delights and my all-time-favourite Pad Thai! 

PS/ I am still smiling with so much gratefulness for the roses that were gifted to me after dining at Damar Terrace! Ugh, AYANA and everyone else there I love you guys!

LUNCH & DINNER: 11.00 – 1.00



This is my favourite place in AYANA and here's why – 

Besides the cable car ride that you take down towards the beach, there is an overwhelming sense of serenity that stretches across this entire private white sand beach. Sunsets here aren't just your regular ones, they're exceptionally beautiful and it strangely reminds you  to slow down and breathe while taking in the views. It is a peaceful paradise where the sunset glow lightly grazes your skin and every moment you listen to the waves crash against the shore is it's own magic. 

OPENING HOURS: Beach 9:00 – 17:00
OPENING HOURS: Warung Kubu 11:00 – 17:00




If you've heard of Bali then it's likely you've heard to Rock Bar Bali! Situated within AYANA, Rock Bar Bali is widely respected as one of the globe’s most popular sunset, cocktail and entertainment venues and there is no doubt about it. Showcasing unparalleled sunset views from 14 meters above the Indian Ocean, Rock Bar is accessible via AYANA’s dramatic cliff side inclination.

As the sun slowly dipped into the horizon, the fleeting colors of dusk began to fill the sky in a symphony of colours that echoed an ambience exclusively known to Rock Bar and it's charm. As you hear the ocean's meek waves roll in gently against the rocks that lined up on the shores and gaze out towards the sky where the moon meets a satin sky of peach and purple hues with a cocktail in hand concludes a night you'd always remember. A night you'd find yourself daydreaming after. 

SUNSET & DINNER: 16.00 - 00.00 (01.00 on Friday - Sunday)
DINNER: 19.00 – 23.00


 I wish I could sum up my weekend at AYANA with words less cliche but besides knowing that I left my heart in AYANA there might be no better saying to round up my experience and the immense kindness and love showed by the hospitality team and every single staff working there. It feels like home and everyone else is family. It's almost weird to be emotional about a vacation but from the hotel lobby to the endless smiles exchanged and the brightest and grandest sunset I've seen in a while now, I'm always going to find myself in a daydream about this resort. It's incredibly amazing and it's more than how visually stunning this space is but how it reminds you of how living your best life should be, even in the smallest of ways. Thank you so much AYANA, for the trip of a lifetime and I can't wait for you guys to share you AYANA adventures with me! I know so many of you have asked if I recommend staying at AYANA and I'd say yes a million times! It's more than just a stay but an experience and memory you'd never forget.

I'd always miss you, AYANA. Till next time x