Photography by Justin. Editing by Becca.  For Pandora.

If I could tell my younger self one thing, it would be this:
There are many things in life you can postpone, but love isn’t one of them. 

Lang Leav


It's beautiful how we so tag our memories to moments we absolutely adore and remember having the best laugh. Jerald and I spend so much of our time together working that sometimes, we so often forget to prioritise being in the moment! The time spent at the Prudential carnival was truly one for the books. We had the best time laughing at the silliest of things and blowing bubbles into each other's faces. It's these moments that you hold on for a while longer just like these Valentines' edition charm. It makes it the perfect gift for your other half! I adore Pandora for the fact that a certain charm reminds you of a certain moment and memory and this Valentines' edition got me remembering the beautiful sunset skyline and the endless laughter on this very special day of love.

I hope you guys have an amazing Valentines! Sending so much love from me to you, 




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