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As much as I am obsessed with all that fancy beauty bits and bobs, I am the laziest of the lazy when it comes to getting ready and un-ready. Just the thought of having to roll out of bed way ahead of time in the morning and spend a good thirty minutes removing all that art that was painted on the face at the end of day just isn't my ideal. Just as you can imagine, for someone so sloth-like, eyelash extensions is a total dream come true. And of course, with every great thing comes a catch – Finding an amazing lash parlour makes the world of a difference. And this is why I love Lushlab, truly.

The process is almost luxurious and you should feel like a sleeping beauty while at it! Trust me, it’s enjoyable. Well, at least at Lushlab it is. You lie down in a bed with the fluffiest blanket and close your eyes for an hour while the lash artist meticulously attaches little feathery wispy lash to your lashes. You'd wake up beautiful, just like how sleeping beauty would feel.

But truly, If it hurts during the process, then you are probably at the wrong parlour with inexperienced lash artists. And will I emphasise that you really do not want to leave with red swollen eyes because it's tried and tested and I will highly not recommend that. If it starts to sting or hurt, please let your lash artist know and stop the process right away! My eyes were swollen for a good two days straight when I visited a bad lash parlour and that really sucked.

Oh, back to the feathery wispy lashes. Lushlab offers an amazing variety of Korean and Japanese curls and lashes and they are soft and lightweight, almost akin to your natural lash so don't worry about it looking way too dramatic or weighing down your natural lashes! I always opt for the C curls which is pretty much the most natural ones and I am obsessed with them. They look amazing in photos but hey, they look even better in person! If taken care of, these lashes can last you up to a month. As someone who travels so frequently, having these fluttery peepers is the best thing. Just remember to use oil-free make up remover and never pick at them!

And to answer the question I get ask most frequently – Will it affect your natural lashes and cause them to fall off? 

Well, frankly. If you're really rough with your eyes then I would not recommend it but if you don't frequently rub your eyes or excessively pick at your lashes, eyelash extensions should not affect your natural lash. Your natural lashes fall off as part of the cycle and sometimes it happens with the extensions too! I haven't had the experience of almost being bare after a set of extensions and I believe with the right lash artist and proper care you're in good to go!

I hope this little blogpost helped with your eyelash extension dilemma and feel free to drop me an email or DM if you've got any more questions! I have to admit I love these extensions from Lushlab and I might possibly be a teeny bit addicted but. Who doesn't want to wake up and look like they're real to take on the world anyway?




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