To finally be able to check Cebu off my bucketlist was a total dream! Of lush tropics, the clearest azure sea waters and the most brilliant sunset all just 4 hours away with Cebu Pacific Air from our little red dot, Singapore is the gem of a city, Cebu.

As the largest airline in the Philippines transport system, they operate for flights in between Singapore and Cebu up to 6x a week, making it highly accessible at any time! Not just that, the Filipino culture of hospitality was also strongly reflected in their flight service. It was so endearing to be able to feel just as home on board a flight, making the 4 hours ride a swift breeze! The delectable selection of food was surely a huge highlight for a peckish flyer like myself — The Salted Egg Glazed Chicken Rice was *masarap!* Do you relate to the excitement of opening up the foil wrapper of your food and seeing what's served on a flight? (High-5 if you do!!)!

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Landing in Cebu was whole other mood of magic. With air that smells so faintly of the ocean and the most amazing delicacies, you can imagine how easy it was for a summer girl like me to fall so in love with this city. The energy, the rhythm and the motion of everything was perfect for a tropical getaway.

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While your girl got sick mid-way through the trip and had to skip out on some activities (major bummer!!), I'm glad I managed to pull through and tried out something I never thought I would: C A N Y O N E E R I N G! If you've never heard of canyoneering in Cebu, specifically Kawasan Falls Canyoneering you're missing out. Known as one of the most adrenaline pumping adventures in Cebu, canyoneering consists of cliff jumping, hiking and swimming. As a fairly mediocre swimmer with a terrible fear of heights, it's hard to imagine that I'd enjoy canyoneering but heck, it was the best damn thing! With cliffs ranging from 2m to 17m for jumps, there are optional routes for those who'd prefer to tap out and skip the jumps. TBH, out of 10 jumps, I perhaps only did 5! But hey, your girl tried. The only champion in our team was Jerald who did the 17m jump and boy, it was nerve wrecking to watch. Everyone in our team bailed (yay!!) but I can't be more proud of him for taking the leap, literally. So if anyone is up to challenge for a even steeper jump, slide into his DMs. Nature's water slides are also one of my absolute favourite during the whole hike. Just imagine sliding down into a pool of fairy floss turquoise water, it was magical and I'd do it over and over again! We also had the most amazing guide that took us through the falls, ensuring our safety all while taking the silliest photos of us throughout the canyoneering.

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