Photography by Jerald. Directed & Editing by Becca.  In collaboration with The Tinsel Rack.

From the first time I came across Morocco as a place of existence, it was on my bucket list. A city of infinite heritage and culture coupled by the most insane of architectural aesthetics and colors, it's a dream for many of us. I mean, to even hang out by the carpet shop is dreamy. This dreamlike state of always wondering if I'd be able to ever visit Morocco in the recent got me pinching myself when I first stepped into The Island Houses, Desu House. I was not sure if it was real life or magic, but I was taken to Morocco in that minute. It was beautiful, so beautiful I wished I could stay forever. And something about it makes you want to put on a fancy dress to dance, bask in the glory of that interior glory before the moment ends and The Tinsel Rack was just the perfect fit. Perfect in a way the lace drapes and cinches at the right places, in a way that hue of faint pink matches the peachy pink walls and in a way it makes you feel like you could wear it forever. That's The Tinsel Rack, every girl's wardrobe dream with the best clothes that makes every wear feel like a hug. Thanks for being the brightest sparkle to the one minute I've spent in almost Morocco, The Tinsel Rack!


The collection launches on Sunday, 24th September! Don't miss out x

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