Photography by Jerald. Editing by Becca.  In collaboration with Komaneka Rasa Sayang.

I was recently in Bali for an exciting film campaign shoot for OPPO Singapore (going live in September, yay!). It was a 48 hours trip and of course, we have to take a trip to Ubud! Ubud is rich in culture and abundant in picturesque views making it one of my favourite places to go. From endless rice paddy fields to Tegenugan Waterfall and the Monkey Forest, Ubud has an impeccable place in my heart just as Komaneka Rasa Sayang. Being in Ubud for the third time, Komaneka easily sits right at the top as the best resort I have ever been. There is no denying the interiors and exteriors are insane – infinity pool, lush green and the best bath tub would have given Komaneka 5 stars but the crew's service? I would give it rounds and rounds of applause if I could. Every staff is kind and attentive, greeting us with wide smiles and the best tea to settle in comfortably. I feel incredibly spoilt every single moment and I am so incredibly thankful for this experience! And of course, how can it be considered a 100 points if we didn't talk about food? Resident kitchen, Madu Manis is a spacious terrace overlooking the pool and lush tropical vegetation. The menu features Mediterranean cuisine  as well as luscious Indonesian dishes. Of which that we ordered, the Soto Ayam is my favourite. I know, above the snappers? Indeed. The broth is tasty and serves with the best chili padi, ever. Okay, I am getting hungry as it goes. I hope you enjoyed this really short guide on the best place to stay in Ubud and I will catch you back with a travel guide real soon! Till then, Komaneka! I'd be back x