From the moment I step foot into the artisanal market in Indonesia, I was in love. Well, love on a different spectrum really. A love for the lady sitting by the corner, hand weaving these incredibly beautiful rattan bags that drew me in instantly. These bags are nothing like what that has been seen on the mainstream fashion markets — they promote a culture of passion and craft, making the hand-weaving community in Indonesia something I was infinitely curious about. I began to learn the story and soon enough, Moonchild was born. 

With every single bag hand-weaved and lined with a different batik design, it felt like an accent I've been missing. These precious bags take up to several weeks to make and The Luna Backpack, especially! The craft that comes with the word handmade has so much stories to tell and I hope to bring their story to you. One bag at a time.  

Meet the first collection of Moonchild By Becca featuring my all time favourite – The Luna Bag alongside with The Juniper Bag & The Jaipur Bag. All these bags are ethically sourced and is aimed at promoting the culture of these amazing artisanal communities in Indonesia. 

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