I call myself a content creator and full time creative. Creative because I live to create... not only in photos but also painting, dancing, drawing and very rarely, singing (in the shower) when my sinus gives me a day break. I'm so ridiculously blessed and thankful that my odd obsession for editing photos and videos has now evolved into what we call a job or livelihood.

This afternoon was one of my worst. I remember feeling incredibly sluggish after a heavy lunch. And the weather? It definitely didn't help. I looked at my checklist and felt almost like I was done for the day when it was only half past three. After lazing for what seemed like thirty seconds, it was five and I figured I needed to do something and not be a bum. Something completely out of the ordinary and completely non-work related because yay! Monday.

And the next best thing I knew to do was to play with glitter. Except this time, not over my sketch pad but on my face. I went in with a light hand and hence, quite evidently only one of my eye bags is now sparkling. Bringing out an inventory of props, I got my best mate aka sister, to start snapping without a plan. (On that note, I always plan what to shoot just so ya know, I get job done.) But this time we were just flinging props in all directions and trying to manage the best focus with all that overlay happening within such close proximity to my face. And my oh my. The photos turned out way better than expected and mad props to my sissy for always spontaneously supporting my creative impulses. The dreamy vibes are everything I hoped for. So here's an epic reminder to myself with all credits due to Alex — There is beauty everyday to uncover and sometimes that doesn't take a flight somewhere far away. Till the next creative impulse and experimental photolog, I hope you guys enjoy this one.