Photography by Becca & Alex. Editing by Becca. Words by Alex.

There is a love that few acknowledge and even fewer accept, and that is the way the clock lulls you in its hands and puts its face to your gushing heart.
The past loves you — it has pushed, pulled and moulded you, albeit sometimes painstakingly, into the person you are today. That is its entire meaning, to determine the you that is now. Don't try to make further sense of it. 
The present loves you — it sees you just as you are, responding to the environment that you're immediately in. It's a breeding ground for some of the most incredible thoughts and ideas you will actualize toward yourself and people. It is what you make of it, looking to the right places that will supply your needs. Don't underestimate the things that conspire to take you to a balanced higher ground. You aren't aware of them and may never be.
The future loves you — it has the best hopes for you, because (not despite the fact) it knows you intimately. It will always gleam with wonder if you never let a point in time be conclusive of the person you are, and what can be done through you.