Photography and Editing by Becca.  In collaboration with Sephora.

Let's talk beauty. It took me a while to come up with the "section title" for all that beauty jazz and here goes nothing – Welcome to #bedsidebeauty! I thought it was pretty snatch to title it #bedsidebeauty since most of my all time favourites beauty products, moisturisers specifically always find it's way to my bed side. If you guys have any brands you guys would love for me to try out and review, feel free to hit me up! You know where to find me.

Since this is the very first edition of #bedsidebeauty, what better brand to begin than with Sephora? If you ask me, Sephora really has everything. With the new launch of their colourful skin care range, they've definitely took things up a notch. With a given goal to find a set of products that really suits my jet-set lifestyle while improving the condition of my skin is a constant struggle. Sephora's colourful skincare definitely packs a punch. From travel friendly sized bottles and packaging to fuss-free wipes and one step exfoliating and moisturising cleansing creams, packing these on trips almost simplifies everything. With a huge range of flavours that one can choose to best match their skin's needs, Sephora has definitely got the globe wanderers covered! My favourite flavours has to be rose and coconut! For long haul flights and trips to colder countries, Rose is the one to go! Rose is recognised for its antioxidant and moisturising properties, for skin that is more beautiful and radiant. While on the other, if you're obsessed with tropical countries and endless summer days then coconut is my ultimatum. Besides the fact that it tastes great in a pinã colada form, it's pretty yummy even in skin care too! It's moisturising and often soothes discomfort of skin. I'm in love with the co-co, aye?

This extensive range of Sephora Colourful Skincare will be launched in stores officially and online on 16 March