Photography by NZ. Editing by Becca.  In collaboration with Revolve & Privacy Please.

Believe me, not whenever I go,"I'd be done in 5 minutes!". That never happens, unfortunately. And it only got harder now that my crib has gone through a major revamp and is that slight bit cozier than ever. I find myself waking up and spending perhaps the entire morning in bed (after I brushed my teeth, of course!) reading, replying emails and quite likely endlessly scrolling down Pinterest. Getting ready does take me quite a while, I'd admit but clearly having a new and "condensed" wardrobe surely helps. With that room revamp also leads to delicately picking out the clothes that are probably staples and/or are my absolute favourites. Bodysuits and denim, what else really? After a few rounds of re-stock, I am really stoked to finally get my hands on this not-your-typical-lace-up bodysuit. The Arden bodysuit from Privacy Please has been one I couldn't take my eyes off and I'm sure you'd figure why. 

February and March has pretty much been the months of emotional and mental detox, with time spent focusing on well, myself. If you guys have never watched Sonya Esman's videos, you should! Her words, thought processes and perspectives has undoubtedly shaped mine. She has such a brilliant mind and infectious positivity that has bred in me a new light of living. Pardon me should I sound a little cult-ish but just learning to focus one's energy on the good is so much more powerful than we actually think it might be. With that said, I took some time off to also revamp my room. Respecting the space we live, sleep and work has great influence. I've never felt better about working in my little crib and every night's rest seemed to be that a little more restful. Building a crib is going to be a constant work in progress, just as we do with ourselves. Discarding those things we no longer need and choosing to let go and move on from the (subtle) negativity while adding things that are beautiful, uplifting and meaningful has now become something I've learned to embrace. "If you focus your energy on who you want to become, that you will be.", ain't it?

PS/ I'm thinking of doing a grab bag sale because I sincerely have a ton of pretty and barely worn clothes that needs better loving and care! Let me know what you guys think x