Art Direction & Editing by Becca. Photography Assisted by Shu Han. In collaboration with Revolve x Lovers + Friends.

"Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people never thought you would."  Now that Valentine's is (almost) in full-swing, it's undeniable that I feel a little dressier. Oh well, I mean I will take any excuse to throw on this incredibly stunning dress. I can't deny my love for this Lovers + Friends slip dress. I literally have it in two colours and I am ready to add the last one to my collection. I won't obsesses yet again over the insanely luxe material but this peachy rose gold shade is right up my alley. It's so so beautiful, it hurts. Lovers + Friends makes the best slip dress, swimwear and nearly everything. Brand crush of the year is definitely Lovers + Friends, yes I have said so take my word for it. 

And! I have something crazy exciting coming up for Valentines and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you guys x