Art Direction & Editing by Becca. Photography Assisted by Shu Han. In collaboration with Runway Bandits - Wearing Waldrin Cami x Folcy Skirt.

The past few weeks has been quite a mess, if you'd ask me. Besides an almost obscene emotional meltdown alongside the festive rush and grind, it felt as though I had fell out of love with myself and then out of love with my ambitions and everything I used to daydream about. It was one of those bad days, y'know? I'm just immensely grateful for the people who remind me every single day that I am doing okay and that in a certain time, I'd be okay. Maybe, I'd even be better. Taking time just to cozy up in a tearoom of insane aesthetics with a good read and a cute outfit from RWB does make it easier. In fact, it makes it good. Dressing up gives anyone an almost instant spirit-lift and I could use some of that. Also, I can't believe I'm still crushing hard on them nude-pink hues! As I've preached before and I am still going to — no one does basics better than Runway Bandits! (Nude basics included) 

On a brighter note, I'm about to go on the most impulsive yet exciting trip! I can't wait to share all about it. But till then, keep checking in. ✨

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