Photography by Jerald. Editing by Becca.  In collaboration with Eaves x Revolve.

Furano Delice
2156-1 Shimogoryo, Furano, Hokkaido 076-0017, Japan

You know what they say, we only regret the choices we didn't make. Now, it's safe to say I have left Hokkaido with barely any regrets. Making a pit-stop at Furano Delice while on our way from Biei to Sapporo was a decision that attributed to a very, fulfilling trip. Both for our tastebuds and memories sake!

Perched on top of a little treehouse, Furano Delice looks incredibly welcoming on a winter day when it's nearly -15 degrees out. I can't begin to express how enchanted I was running into the store with eyes so wide opened at the insane variety of cakes and that classic milk pudding that's almost sold out by mid-day. I'll save that mouth-watering visuals for my Hokkaido guide but, this little gem of a place is definitely one that I'd return to! Clad in this fluffy yellow faux fur coat seems almost apt for the occasion of enjoying ice-cream out in the snow by a little cottage cafe. Revolve brings the warmth and sunshine even on a winter day and I must say, I can't be more thankful for that! There aren't many pieces as cute as this one that will keep you just as warm, a little like a dose of winter sun.