Photographed by Jerald. Edited by Becca.  In collaboration with FWRD.

There’s nothing quite like a winter dusk when you're walking along the streets of Sapporo. The last bit of sunlight hitting the highest parts of the buildings before the sun dips and the very last bit of glow comes from the cosy ramen stores and my favourite, kombini.

Hokkaido has all of my heart and with Sapporo as my last stop for this winter adventure seems to be the best decision yet. Skipping along the streets in these new CDG converse babies from FWRD was a brilliant choice. It was 1) non slip 2) looks cute 3) kinda sorta waterproof. HAHA. Well, don't count on me for those as facts but you'd be surprised how well this pair held up in the snow! I can't begin to express just how infinitely blessed I am to be able to wake up every day and see the snow, feels like it's own kind of magic. 

Thank you so much for keeping my feet warm, FWRD! And thank you, Sapporo for all the late night adventures and the best soup curry. I'm working on a detailed Hokkaido road-trip guide and I can't wait to share them with you guys! But before that, let's roll the video first. Coming to you in Jan 2018, stay tuned x