Photography by Jerald. Editing by Becca.  In collaboration with Eaves x Revolve.

Remember when we were all kids and we have that dream of dancing in the winter snow with Christmas carols joyfully singing in the background and we are lost under a sky of lights? Sounds like I took an excerpt out of Harry Potter but Sapporo is all the magic when the sun sets and the lights comes on.

It feels almost childish to admit that the moment I got to the German Christmas Market, I was beaming and running around in wander. For someone who has never spent Christmas in the snow, this felt like a dream come true except I did not ask someone to pinch me. I can't tell you how remarkably beautiful this season of gifting is and how much significance it holds in my heart. Christmas has always been a day of magic and growing up, I've always remembered stringing lights on the Christmas tree and singing to Holy Night and this very moment at Sapporo felt double of all the happiness I could ever hold as an individual.

Revolve, it's been an amazing year working with you! You've kept me warm on cold winter nights, seen me out in the sea in the cutest swim and dressed me in the dreamiest of dresses for all of my most important occasions. I can't express how grateful I am for a wardrobe of Revolve and I cannot wait for the brighter things in 2018! Here's to greater beach adevntures and brighter nights!