Photography by Jerald. Editing by Becca.  In collaboration with For Love & Lemons x Revolve.

A feeling I thought was set in stone
It slips through, my fingers
I'm trying hard to let go
It comes and goes in waves
It comes and goes in waves
And carries us away
Through the wind

Dean Lewis – Waves

I am often asked what's my playlist like so I was thinking of making a public spotify playlist for all the songs I am obsessed with at the moment, what do you think? This song is my current favourite, I've been on this tune repeatedly all weekend and now it's Monday and I am still at it. HAHA. But hey, this song is not the only thing I am musing over this Monday because guess what, it's Cyber Monday!! 

Revolve is having some insane markdowns on their site, I'm serious! And with Cyber Monday, here's the discount we are all waiting for: CYBER20. The Cyber Monday sale will be on from 27th Nov - 28th Nov with sale up to 70% and an additional 20% with the code! Okay, I'm off to sort out my own shopping and you should too!

See ya on Revolve

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