Photography by Jerald. Editing by Becca.  In collaboration with X by NBD x Revolve.

Here's a little historical excerpt on Petain Road adapted from lionraw.com –

Beautifully preserved Chinese-Baroque styled shophouses, to the open alley where men can seek a quick fix, Petain Road further adds to its already intriguing character with its link to Hitler and World War II. Named after the French war hero in World War I, Field Marshal Henri Philippe Petain (1856 - 1951), the disdain for Petain has led to numerous calls over the years by the French Community to rename the street, the most recent of which however was written by Professor Tommy Koh (20 March 2012, The Straits Times), who proposed that the road be called ‘de Gaulle road’ instead, after Petain’s former lieutenant Charles de Gaulle who was the French president from 1959-1969. While no official move has been taken to rename the street, a quick turn to the alley parallel to Flander’s Square reveals another unique side to Singapore’s underworld of the red light district.

I'd admit that there is something remarkably mesmerising about being on grounds that encapsulates an entire history behind it. It tells of the past that makes the present and also serves as that almost gentle nod of reminder that nothing we ever have came from a place that we'd consider, easy. I've been taking my little exploration around our city quite seriously these days, in cute outfits of course! My obsession with X by NBD kinda kickstarted since the Pandora romper episode and I am discovering a whole lot more about this brand that is officially marking it as my new brand crush of the month! If you guys have yet to discover the world of Revolve, you should do it NOW! I never get bored on that site and it also means that my wishlist is on an never-ending conquest. With that said, I love a little dose of experimental layout with fashion related bits and bobs here on the blog? What d'you think?

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