Photography by Jerald. Editing by Becca.  In collaboration with X by NBD x Revolve.

I think there is something charming about the streets of Singapore that so often goes undiscovered. Wandering around Little India at 4PM in the noon is a little of a sticky and sweaty mess but this beaded romper from X by NBD is the perfect fix! It pairs perfectly with the colourful backgrounds of Little India, elevating the perfect crimson red hue. It was a beautiful moment just dancing through the streets of Little India in this ensemble and the odd immersion in the culture otherwise so unfamiliar was, inspiring. I find myself turning to travel so often because it shows me a part of this world I've never yet seen but Singapore albeit small is a hub of hidden treasures. I love traveling but I too, love this city I call home.

PS/ What do you guys think of this psychedelic gif? Heh. Talk about being inspired, aye?

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