I don't know about you but getting ready in the morning is quite often an epic mix of make-up fails. And my worst nemesis is, brows. Let's not get me started on smokey eye and perfectly curled eyelashes because ain't nobody got the time for that but to screw up my brows and have my mascara smudge in the day is what I call #woes. We all know it isn't at all cool to go for meetings or even shoots with uneven drawn brows and panda eyes because, well. You know what I mean. When Arch Angel Brow got in touch with me for eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extensions, I've to admit I was (kinda) overjoyed but skeptical all together! I'm guessing you guys have heard enough of my #acnestory but I'm never great with beauty so I had 1000 reasons in mind on how it will go absolutely wrong. Besides crazy thick dark brows as the worst case scenario, imagining have to loose all my eyelashes after the extension is two of my biggest doubt on this. We all heard those internet horror stories, haven't we? Well, if there's one thing I can tell you about my experience is how natural the outcome is and that's one hella good thing! Ok, I think I'm dumping way too much verbal bullshit but let's get into the real talk –


Picking out the brow shape that best frame my feature was the most challenging part! As a total noob with all things brows, I was lucky I had Kelly to figure it out for me! Her immaculate eye for detail and patience was impeccable. We went ahead with a few design before I settled on the one I loved! That took two hours, for the record. Now that's real patience on Kelly's side, ain't it. Kudos to the numbing cream session for giving Kelly a break! Now on the nitty gritty and technical aspect of this embroidery jazz, let me introduce: Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery –

This technique is the definition of au naturel. Using only 100% natural botanical pigments from Korea, this technique ensures that your brows will not take on a reddish or bluish hue over time and will instead fade to your brows’ original colour. And no that's not end of the good news! There is 1) No downtime 2)  No aftercare required 3) No interruption to your regular beauty regime 4) No awkward looking caterpillar-like brows 5) You'd be walking out feeling like Queen B!


With brows drawn to my desired shape and my epic barren eyelashes, let the process commence! I was given a new slim, needle-like instrument that is used to apply the pigments onto them brows. Do not fret if the drawn brows looks a tad bit darker than you'd like it to be. Once it it's done, you'd be able to reveal a natural set of brows with pigments that match your hair color. One question I always get asked is: Omg, is it painful? To be honest, I'd say a little? I wouldn't exactly call that pain but you'd be able to evidently feel them dotting on the pigments and kids, I assure you that's okay! I have nearly zero threshold for pain and it didn't bother me at all neither was it uncomfortable. However, if ever in the situation you feel the nudging pain, just let your beautician know and they'd apply more numbing cream! They are the sweetest people so if you experience any discomfort, feel free to raise it. 

For eyelash extension, it was a breeze! I ended up dozing off cause it was so comfortable and I can barely feel a thing. One thing I find absolutely admirable about Arch Angel Brow is their eye for detail and how meticulous they are with the process. Besides intense dotting of pigments on brows, attaching a single strand of eyelash one by one to ensure it looks natural and fluttery really takes the cake. I would really call this entire process beauty sleep, well literally. You go in and nap for 2 hours and the next thing you know? You wake up looking like a total dream.


And the verdict? I love it! It look so insanely natural and I've been receiving compliments on how great they look and I really owe this to Kelly and Arch Angel Brow. Waking up and preparing t head out has now became something almost effortless and if anyone of you are on the fence about getting eyebrow embroidery or eyelash extension, Arch Angel Brow is definitely the way to go! For someone like me who travel so very often, every hour counts and now, it is no fuss beating the clock. I love it, every bit of it.

The sweet folks over at Arch Angel Brow has also extended their free signature facial worth $188 with every Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery service (limited to first 20 customers only) if you quote my name, Rebecca or tell them I sent you! If you guys have any questions on brow embroidery or lash extension, hit me up at and I'd love to share as much as I know! Thank you so much Kelly and the Arch Angel Brow team for the love x

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