Photography by Jerald Saw. In collaboration with GRANA.

Well, this might come off as a surprise but I've never owned any silk apparels before GRANA came along. Besides my silk pillowcase from Slip that I absolutely love, these silk apparels were ridiculously lovely. First thing first, if you saw my mini Bali haul on Instagram Stories then you'd see how ace the packaging from GRANA was. And unwrapping these babies from the perfectly packed parcel was an insane experience! Everything felt so luxe I can imagine what it's like to be queen for a day, pretty much.

Above that. they were my life-saver in Bali. On the third day of my trip, I had a bad-ass (literally) sun burn from snorkeling and being able to slip into a silk dress? Life changing, truly. They feel incredibly comfortable and gentle on the skin, I felt like I was in good hands wearing these. It almost takes you to a dream-like stance, where everything is cuddly and perfect. One thing I know for sure, you'd be seeing them a lot more often now because honestly, no sweatpants would ever be as comfortable as these. And that's a huge claim to make.

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