Photos by Jerald. In collaboration with The Dancing Confetti x Solasta.

Growing up, I’m sure we’ve all been asked who’s our superhero and I’m sure more often than not, our answers steer towards our mom or dad. Well, I’m not any different. I’ve always counted myself ridiculously blessed to be born into a family where I had more than I could ever ask for. My dad has always been one who never fails to tell me it’s okay to make mistakes and that I should never ever live for somebody else. At this age, my dad still picks me up and bring me for ice-cream when I feel like absolute shit and frankly, that’s incredible. He has worked his whole life to give me the world, and now I hope to give him the world just as well.

I've always wanted to do something out of the box for my dad so when Solasta x The Dancing Confetti got in touch with me for a Father’s Day picnic, I was stoked! Besides our regular Sunday movie marathons, picnics has always been something I wanted to do with my family. I’m beyond thankful for the babes over at The Dancing Confetti for being so patient with my very-fluffy-golf-themed picnic ideas. It was pretty much the dreamiest set-up and I had one of the best moments of my life right there and then with the people I love the most. 

Thank you so much The Dancing Confetti x Solasta for putting this together for me. Happy Father's Day y'all!

Rebecca TenComment