Photos by Jerald & Becca. Layout & Design by Becca, In collaboration with The Wellness Clinic.

If you've read the post titled Bare where I talk about my insecurities and battle with acne, then this post would come as no surprise to you. I am grateful for The Wellness Clinic, every single day. From nursing my skin to always reassuring me that it'll get better, I honestly owe it to them for the state my skin is today. It isn't flawless, but. We're getting there! Aside from treatments and oral medication as I've previously mentioned, their line of skincare is gold. It's my holy-grail and I swear by it.

The Concentrated Cleanser – Still the best ever cleanser I’ve come across! This just has a great consistency. It's light yet ultra nourishing and it's incredibly gentle on the skin! It’s my number one product for achieving almost flawless skin. 

The Toning Lotion – I never really believe in toners and all that jazz, but a toning lotion like this one really work to infuse the skin with goodness! It’s definitely helped to reduce pore appearance and restores my skin's barrier function.

The Acne Control Complex – A ultra light, beautifully silky concoction aimed at removing dead skin cells and controls acne-causing bacteria and inflammation. I'm loving how it keeps those nasty acne at bay while improving the look of my overall complexion.

The H2O Concentrate –  This moisturiser is my one and only. It is beautifully lightweight and hydrating. This is a total breeze to use. It just melts in to the skin and it makes a wonderful base for makeup. It sinks in quickly, leaves a dewy glow and doesn’t bobble off when foundation is applied.

The Sunscreen 2.2 –  We now bid goodbye to funny smelling sunscreens that leaves an awful white cast with my favourite and a beauty must-have, Tinted Sunscreen. There is nothing that will shield your skin from ageing the way a sunscreen would and besides that, no one wants skin discolouration or skin cancer, y'know?

Ah, The Wellness Clinic – you never, ever fail to impress. Thanks for keeping my skin lit! 

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