I think we need a medal for reaching Auckland after a tumultuous drive of 3 hours with intense traffic that goes, "one vehicle per green light". Boy, was it intense. On second thoughts, I think Nat deserves a trophy. Having the luxury of being the backseat crew which involves having naps and food breaks on interval, being numb from the neck to toes was the worst case. But that boy, he had both his hands on the wheel the whole time and I can't emphasize on just how thankful I am that he has braved all of this on our behalf.

Checking into this Roomorama apartment for our last stop was a heave of relief and making coffee upon arrival has gradually eased into our routine. This white washed space with huge windows and unfiltered light was my idea of perfect for our last accommodation in New Zealand. All that nature centric and homely decor is starting to grow on me. My oh my, I am starting to sound that little bit sentimental.