Filmed by Jerald. In Collaboration with Urban Outfitters.

It’s a strange excitement sharing this with you guys for the very first time. This is officially the first teaser film we worked on that wasn't anything related to school, which feels great in all honesty. To have 100% control over our creative direction with no boundaries or limit sets this little self- imposed project, a luxurious experience.

This came about one late night when Urban Outfitters dropped me a line that got me choking on my fries (I'm fine, really) while working on a publication. Though that doesn't convey my excitement but I was thrilled! It's an utter dream to be able to put together a festival campaign for Urban Outfitters. I mean, I love Urban Outfitters! Don't you?

I'm immensely thankful for Jerald who not only helped with the creative direction but also worked tirelessly to produce the whole film. I couldn't have done without the #bff + Chai who made Montigo (read about my previous Montigo experience here!) possible. Being so used to having Jerald and I trying to juggle all of the elements ourselves, just having them around to make sure we are well-fed after the shoot makes a world of difference, so thank you for you two!

Truthfully, we can’t really believe how much kind comments and love we have got from this video. If you love it, please feel free to share it around and let us know what you think!