Art Direction & Designs by Becca Ten. Photos by Jerald.  In Collaboration with Roomorama.

Located off Yarwood Avenue near King Albert Park tucks a seemingly closed off compound which hides a paradise. With neatly manicured tropics and picture perfect white washed interiors, 19A Yarwood's beauty left me going oh-my-god-wow at every step. Even right now, words still fail me when I try to describe my #roomorama experience. With over 300,000 properties, Roomorama is the largest platform for professionally-managed vacation rentals and accommodations worldwide. Pretty damn amazing, ain't it?

Over our two nights’ stay we routinely got lost within the house, discovering magnificent little corners that left me in awe each time. Mornings becomes my favorite time of the day — waking up to the gentle sun rays illuminating the room makes everything, better. 

Dreaming of another roomorama getaway got me wishing for FYP to be over, right now. But hey, I've got two months more go. But if you're itching for a getaway or a valentines' day surprise that's wallet-friendly and just several train stops away, the generous people over at roomorama have teamed up with me to send you $50USD credit if you sign up with this link - https://www.roomorama.com/users/beccabeczten/invite 

Oh, speaking of which, have a smashing Valentines and Chinese New Year y'all! Stay gorgeous x

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