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And here comes my favourite holiday of the year – Christmas! *cues All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey*, now that was cliche, oops. To be really honest, I was expecting to be unrolling rolls of marble wrapping and boxes for gifting but turns out I ended up using paperbags with paper stuffings and a shitload of glitter. Quite a messy way to receive a gift from yours truly, but everyone loves a little glitter mess, no? In this holiday gift guide that I’ve curated are really gifts I’d die to receive, quite frankly. I mean who could possibly deny a classic pair of Raybans or that aesthetics asf marble x rose gold gift set from CommeHome

*Now here comes the most anticipated part of this post – I would love to send come Christmas lovin’ to one of you! I’d put together possibly the best box (well, best imo) of goodies. You can expect ton of beauty bits and of course, glitter! All you have to do is leave a comment down in this post/DM me telling me what you’re thankful for this 2016 with your Instagram handle and I’d hit you up with a DM to let you know that Santa told me you’ve been naughty and send some love your way! Now, that’s something exciting aye? 

PS/ Winner has been contacted. Gratzy, Char! (Thank you so much for all of your stories, it's so beautiful to read. Greater and better things would be coming in 2017 so stay with me!)

♡ Have a jolly and merry one this Christmas, my lovers!