Photography by Xin Yi. In collaboration with Calendar.

In all frankness, I've always been one to wear a top once and you'd possibly never see me wearing it again. Ah, yes my Stussy crop top is an exception. It's not because I'd like to carefully avoid being labelled as an "outfit-repeater" but it's the brutal truth that most apparels these days heavily compromises on the quality. I mean, we blame this on fast fashion but anything thrown into the washing machine, intentionally or not always comes out furring. Bummer, ain't it? When Calendar first approached me with emphasis on the quality of their apparels, I was that tad bit skeptical but upon receiving the items? Boy, my impression took a 360 degree change. From the selection of fabric to the cut and styles, it has won my heart entirely. Calendar definitely has a space for wardrobe staples and investment pieces.

Rebecca TenSeoul, FashionComment