Photography by Jerald & Becca. In collaboration with Puri Beji.
Puri Beji Bed & Breakfast
Jalan Discovery Gang Beji 2
Canggu 80361 Indonesia

If you held a conversation with me since I got back from Bali, then you'd know I'm obsessed. I fell in love with Bali, slowly, then all at once. And now, I feel like I'm invested in a long distance relationship with a city I never knew had so much of my heart. There is nothing lacking in Bali, to be honest. From white beaches with glassy waves frothing at the hem, endless cyanic horizon that meets a cotton candy sky, and all the amenities in Puri Beji has summed it up perfectly. This is where I go when I snooze, clearly Puri Beji is an exact replica of my dream. 

We were received with a cocktail each in hand and bright smiles, quite my idea of a grand entrance. Our room, as airy as the breeze outside: a symphony of tropical hues and modern fixtures. Unpacking was not a priority and I find myself changing out into my favourite bikini before gracing the front-row pool seat to a sunset with golden ember blazing through the endless pinks. You know they say Bali have the best sunsets, well they were right. And you know what makes it better? It's knowing you'd wake up to breakfast of a lifetime. Now, it's time to lace up in some for love and lemons and draw the curtains. – Be right back, snoozing

Thank you so much for hosting us, Puri Beji! We'd be back, x