Photos by Shermin. Styling by Linglin. Editing by Becca Ten. In Collaboration with Illustrated People.

It was an early call time for the making of this series of photos but we were all far from being groggy despite being worn out by our own routines. The thought of reuniting with Ling and the planning of this shoot for Illustrated People had me bubbling with excitement. I feel so appreciative to be sharing this experience of styling, shooting and talking about everything from London to palm reading with two of the loveliest people. 

Ling's passion and enthusiasm for everything she's doing in London is inspiring. "If I want something, I get it.". Her courage to pursue what she wants is just one part of her I hold in utmost respect. It serves as an important reminder for me to set my eyes on my goals and dreams.

Thank you Ling for having me on this shoot for IP and thank you Min for being the most accommodating photographer yet!

Rebecca TenComment