Layout by Becca Ten. Photos by Jerald Saw. In Collaboration with 99 Percent Hair Studio.

Late Tuesday afternoon, I had the pleasure of having a treat over at 99 Percent Hair Studio for a pampering hair treatment session. (If you need me to explain why my hair looks like a less fancier version of Hagrid from Harry Potter's then I gotta admit that I don't take great care of my tresses and I'm always running late. So you'd understand why I don't have the time to smooth out the strands with a gazillion different hair products) Moving on.

Stepping into 99 percent hair studio is always comforting and it makes me wonder what took me so long to make the time for this pamper treat. The lovely Katherine never fails to assure me that my hair isn't as damaged as I thought and that she can easily fix it. She's plain genius and effortlessly efficient. She took a few snips of my ends and touched up on my roots before proceeding to generously treat my hair with an organic hair mask. One hour breezed by as I sat there with a head full of nourishment and before I know it, I was looking into the mirror and gasping (quite literally) at how glorious my locks looked. I'm sure you can very evidently tell from the pictures what a massive difference it made. I was going ooo ahh when Katherine styled and set it with a leave on hair mask and hair oil. It almost felt like those hair commercial moments where a comb would slide down from the crown of my head to ends because my hair felt that silky smooth. I wouldn't claim the credits for being able to walk out from 99 Percent Hair Studio beaming with pride at how my hair finally looked like, hair. 

Thank you so much Katherine & 99 Percent Hair Studio for yet another fantastic do!