Photos by jeraldsaw & beccabeczten. In Collaboration with 5 Little Monkeys Cafe.

Located at the rooftop garden of Pico Building, 5 Little Monkeys Cafe is a space we fit right in. This cafe is the kind of light-filled locale you could comfortably spend all day in. Starting from morning latte with a classic spread of eggs benedict over to the mouthwatering gourmet hamburger topped with sweet potato fries. 

I kid you not, the patty-condiment on the burger is rich in flavour and the egg is poached to perfection. I'm not one that throws the word 'perfection' around casually, so when I say perfection you know it isn't the mundane food flattery. 

The space is oddly nostalgic with it's touch of wooden accents and patchwork quilted chairs, completing the cafe's honest and welcoming character. It's the ideal venue for events and project discussions - complementary open plugs keeps your MacBook and iPhone sober.

I'd return here any day for a midday brunch and of course, the best brownie I've ever had.