Photos by Jerald. With all the love in this world for XiaoRui, NinetyteaFatricesg, Lestylexs, TheMacaronShopSG & ShirlyTwirly.

Well, I'm officially twenty one. I know its silly, but I've always had an insane expectation for what the "dream" birthday party should be like on top of being (extremely) OCD. Taking the plunge to put together my twenty first birthday made me realise that it's more than having the fanciest cake or the most insane outfit. It's the fact that I'm able to spend the day with the people that I love that matters ultimately.

I'm awfully grateful to have the cutest team of pixies who meticulously helped Xiao Rui and myself put up what we've envisioned into life. It's amazing, to see a blank white space turn into the Coachella Wonderland party I've dreamt of. With good food, great company, flash tattoos and kickass music, I can't be more blessed.

Here's to 21! Thank you to each and every single one of you who came down to the party and wished me personally on text, Instagram and emails. I wouldn't be here without you guys x!

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