Shot and Edited by Becca for Cheryl x Moxie.

I met Cheryl for the first time after working with her on Moxie for thereabout a month and I was immediately one of her biggest fan. She is the founder of  Moxie, brilliant and kind altogether. I absolutely adore her work ethics and how thoughtfully she curate about her products both offline and online. I remember crushing on the very first catalog she sent me and in a market so saturated with fashion labels, Moxie was a standout. When she first opened Moxie as a retail space, I knew it was going to be every girl's dream. And it was my biggest dream when the sweetest Cheryl surprised yours truly with a giant poster of myself in store. Tell me how is it possible for me not to love someone as beautiful as her! As for the girlboss herself, she’s humble and incredibly ambitious. Read on to find out more about one of my favourite girlboss who seeks empower women through fashion –



I've been obsessed with Moxie since Day One, and one of the things I love most about the brand is the voice. To aspire women to be confident with clothes is more than a state of mind, it's surely something that goes hand in hand! What inspired you?

Thank you so much for your kind words, Becca! Yes, fashion to me is something that goes beyond materialistic wants. When I wake up in the morning, I want to be able to dress well and wear something that can make me feel good for the entire day. To give an analogy, it’s like how some people rely on inspirational quotes to motivate them throughout the day; for me, fashion is my daily motivation. 

Besides being a superwoman who runs Moxie online, you've taken it one step further and now Moxie is a physical store! What was your thought when you decided to take Moxie offline?

I had a pretty one-track mind. This was all I was thinking - I HAVE DO THIS. Since I started Moxie, it’s always been in my plans to open a physical store within half a year, and I’m so glad that I managed to reach this goal! I felt like my customers would want to have a feel of the clothes and to try them on to see if the fit is right because exchanges are really troublesome. I’ve had several online customers enquiring if we have a boutique space for them to physically try on the clothes and that was what further reaffirmed my decision to go offline. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I would say it’s my parents. They both worked extremely hard to get to where they are, and that’s a value that they’ve always taught me. To never expect anything from others, be independent and work for what you want.   

You're surely successful in building Moxie as a brand in a really crowded fashion space. What is one thing you feel is exceptional about Moxie?

I would say it’s the curation of our products. In such a fast-paced society, I think people just want to shop fuss-free, and that includes not having to sieve through a mass of unwanted styles. I personally handpick the designs to bring in and I would say Moxie’s style would be feminine with an edge. 

We also offer our customers a complementary Personalised Styling Session, where we will suggest some outfits that would suit their style. All they have to do is to drop us an email at to set an appointment (: 

Moxie is a darling that champions our home grown labels! Which label would you call your favourite?

Oh gosh I can’t pick one! I really do love all of them. They all have their own flavour and identity, which is what makes them unique and why I’ve included them in my curation. (: 

You've an impeccable taste in the clothes you carry on Moxie! What do you always look out for?

Why, thank you! You’re always the sweetest. I look out for wearable designs that have a little twist to them. Subtle accents are very important to me because I don’t like to go over the top, but I still want to wear something that has certain unique elements to its design. 

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

To believe in yourself, because you are capable of more things than you ever thought you could achieve. 

Sushi or burrito? HAHA. ( *inserts a shameless self-promo shot of my poster because I am as irrelevant as sushi!)


What would be your advice to anyone who is looking at establishing their own brand?

Just start. Go for it! Don’t wait until you’re 100% ready, because there’s no such thing as being absolutely ready. There’s also no such thing as the “best time”. The best time is always now. If you wait, it’ll end up being wasted time which can’t be earned back. 

& I’d like to share the quote that has encouraged me to take a leap of faith - “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” 


Shot and Edited by Becca for Amanda & Joel.

Amanda and Joel had the most beautiful solemnisation day; cool haze in the morning followed by sunshine at noon. These two love hard. Their love stood the test of time and have been undeniably in love since they met. They met in school and pursued architecture in LA. Well, the rest is history. The solemnisation took place in a little garden with their family and friends circling them. They couldn't take their eyes off each other as they read their vows and finally became husband and wife. I am so grateful and happy I got to be apart of this incredible day to photograph these infinite moments with such incredible people. Congrats Amanda & Joel!



Photography by Jerald. In collaboration with REVOLVE & X By NBD.

Intricate floral embroidered detailing accompanied by hand-crafted laces throughout this dress makes it quite an impeccable piece. I've to admit that this is perhaps my favourite dress yet and I've gotten one too many compliments on it! The cutting edge silhouette and lace back detail really puts the cherry on top. I've got plenty of dresses, but this really holds a special place in my heart and is prolly one of those I'd bust out as a birthday dress! Thank you so much Revolve for always spoiling me, <3 


Photography by Jerald. In collaboration with REVOLVE & By The Way.

The little secret about so-called timeless wardrobe essentials is this: You'd still repeatedly invest in them despite owning well, quite a few to begin with. From dark denim jackets to those vintage oversized slouchy light-washed denim to this. Embroidered denim jacket. I absolutely adore it for the fact it says heartbreaker for those days when you feel bad-ass and ready to kick ass. Or on other days when you want to feel that a little less basic in a denim jacket. On that note, it's an optimal time to stock up on those wardrobe essentials now because Revolve is having an epic 20% storewide sale with the code *SUMMER20*!! I kid you not, again. It starts right here right now and will on 26th May, 7AM! 

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I call myself a content creator and full time creative. Creative because I live to create... not only in photos but also painting, dancing, drawing and very rarely, singing (in the shower) when my sinus gives me a day break. I'm so ridiculously blessed and thankful that my odd obsession for editing photos and videos has now evolved into what we call a job or livelihood.

This afternoon was one of my worst. I remember feeling incredibly sluggish after a heavy lunch. And the weather? It definitely didn't help. I looked at my checklist and felt almost like I was done for the day when it was only half past three. After lazing for what seemed like thirty seconds, it was five and I figured I needed to do something and not be a bum. Something completely out of the ordinary and completely non-work related because yay! Monday.

And the next best thing I knew to do was to play with glitter. Except this time, not over my sketch pad but on my face. I went in with a light hand and hence, quite evidently only one of my eye bags is now sparkling. Bringing out an inventory of props, I got my best mate aka sister, to start snapping without a plan. (On that note, I always plan what to shoot just so ya know, I get job done.) But this time we were just flinging props in all directions and trying to manage the best focus with all that overlay happening within such close proximity to my face. And my oh my. The photos turned out way better than expected and mad props to my sissy for always spontaneously supporting my creative impulses. The dreamy vibes are everything I hoped for. So here's an epic reminder to myself with all credits due to Alex — There is beauty everyday to uncover and sometimes that doesn't take a flight somewhere far away. Till the next creative impulse and experimental photolog, I hope you guys enjoy this one.


Photography by Ning Zhuang. In collaboration with REVOLVE & Tularosa.

It is one thing to have a wardrobe of a princess and yet another to feel like you're actually one. Now, REVOLVE and Tularosa has nailed that completely for me. Feeling almost Cinderella in this dotty maxi wrap dress, it got me disney dreaming. I can salsa and shimmy (yes, I've ever had dance sport classes on top of contemporary dance) through the night in glass slippers and hopefully, they stay on even after the clock strikes 12. I ain't digging that whole fiasco where a golden carriage disintegrates into a fancy 5 ft pumpkin. But to have a moment of magic with this dress, I'd say yes. Yes yes and yes, a hundred times over.